Natural Treatments for Diarrhea in Dogs

Natural Treatments for Diarrhea in Dogs

Natural Diarrhea Treatment for Dogs

Diarrhea in dogs is a condition caused especially by unhealthy eating habits of some dogs. Natural home treatment for diarrhea in dogs is, thus, recommended for even healthy dogs, once loose stools are noticed. The precautionary step taken when natural home treatment for diarrhea in dogs is given to healthy dogs will prevent the stress that accompanies having to consult a veterinarian and administer drugs to sick dogs.

Natural treatments for diarrhea in dogs are better than the use of antibiotics

Some antibiotics used in the treatments of diarrhea in dogs have been known to have negative side effects. One of such antibiotics usually prescribed for diarrhea in dogs by veterinarian is Metronidazole. The taste of Metronidazole could make the process of administering it to your dog a difficult one; to think that the drug has to be administered twice a day means more hard work to do. That aside, though Metronidazole does work, it has been known to have such effects as loss of appetite and vomiting when used for dogs. Natural treatments for diarrhea in dogs are preferable to antibiotics use when the condition of your dog is not that serious. Antibiotics, when overused, have the ability to cause new strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics to emerge, thus, making diarrhea treatment harder.

Another reason why natural treatments for diarrhea in dogs are better that the use of antibiotics is that antibiotics could potentially alter the balance of bacteria in your dog’s digestive system. The digestive system of your dog needs to have a proper balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria to ensure good health. As antibiotics work to kill off harmful bacteria, they also destroy beneficial bacteria along with them thereby exposing your dog to more infections.

A natural treatment for diarrhea in dogs that can be done at good is to feed sick dogs with bland foods. Chicken or any other meat products containing low fat should be fed, in little quantities, to the dog suffering from diarrhea. You should mix the meat with white rice, pumpkin, cottage cheese or yogurt. When your dog’s stool has become normal after being fed with this diet, sustain the diet for a few more days. After that, the dog should gradually be fed with his usual food by mixing kibble into his food. There is need to see your veterinarian if there seems to be no improvement after feeding your dog with this diet.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria usually located in the digestive system of dogs; lack of which could cause diarrhea. Probiotics are contained in some yogurt brands, but before purchasing endeavor to check if probiotics or live culture is written on the label. There are also some probiotic dietary supplements that you can use for your dog. However, use commercial probiotic products with caution as their effectiveness has not been fully proven.

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