The ABCs of Friendly Cat Breeds

The ABCs of Friendly Cat Breeds

ABCs of Cat Breeds

Most of us honestly wonder into pet parenthood. A neighbor has a litter of kittens or puppies and we end up with one. A stray kitten makes their way to our door. Our children find a stray in the park. At one point or another we tend to want to enter pet parenthood in a more organized manner and look for a certain breed of dog or cat.
If you are considering getting your first and only cat or expanding a herd of existing cats you may want to consider the friendliness factor. Cats are known to be loners and aloof, but certain breeds are friendlier to other cats, dogs, and children.

Abyssinian cats are some of the friendliest cats you can find. If you are a boater they make a great companion on the water because they like to swim. They tend to be friendly with every one they meet not just their family. They will mix with other cats, dogs, and children. They are an active breed that needs an owner who will be active with them.

If you are looking for a cat to play fetch with a British or American Burmese might be for you. They enjoy an active life and need owners who have the time and energy to play with them. They adjust to other pets, but require regular human contact throughout their lives to be happy.

Chantilly cats are moderately calm cats that tend to blend nicely into households with children and other pets. They are shy around strange pets and people they do not know. They have a good balance between friendly and aloof. They tolerate owners who are gone for longer period of time, but still express their loyalty when their owners come home.

Maine Coon cats act very dog like in their attachments to humans, like Manx. They are a moderately active breed and make a good combination indoor/outdoor cat. They are noted to be fine mousers. They can attach to other household members likes the family dog and seem less sensitive then their Manx counterparts. They blend well into households with dogs and children. They require regular grooming like most long haired breeds.

Manx are a friendly and strong breed. They tolerate dogs and small children. They do however, seem to attach to one human and like a dog will make that person the focus of their attention. Many Manx owners say their Manx are sensitive to be slighted or ignored by the focus of their affection. They will head but you with their silly round heads when they feel they are being ignored. They are a good cat for a single adult or older person who spends time at home. They mellow with age and are a great companion cat.

Persians tend to be a low energy cat. They also tend to have a single focus of their attention. They require a great deal of grooming. They are perfect for a single apartment dweller. They tolerate, but tend to ignore dogs and other cats. They are very happy to be Diva cats and only pet children.

Somali cats are known for wanting attention. If you want a cat that will want to be around you are all the time then this may be the cat for you. If is said that Somali cats love attention more than food , so if you work 14 hour days this may not be the cat for you. Somali cats tend to remain kitten like throughout their lives and do not necessarily mellow out. If you have an active pet household and are home a lot this is definitely the breed for you.

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