Top 10 Pop Rock Songs with Night Themed Lyrics

Top 10 Pop Rock Songs with Night Themed Lyrics

Many pop rock songs have night-themed lyrics, and so I’ve got a top ten list for this subject matter. My top ten pop rock songs with night-themed lyrics come from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Here’s my top ten pop rock songs with night-themed lyrics, listed alphabetically.

All Night Long (All Night,) by Lionel Richie (1983)

This happy party time song, while a top ten personal song selection that has night-themed lyrics, was also a chart-topping tune in 1983. This pop rock tune uses a Jamaican chant and repeats the title over and over again in such a pleasant-sounding matter.

Boogie Nights, by Heatwave (1977)

This personal top ten song with night-themed lyrics was a popular disco song back in the 1970’s, securing a Top 5 position on the pop charts. I’ve always liked this pop dance song because of its fast pace. Boogie Nights comes across to my ears as if it is emanating from the inside of a seashell.

December 1963 (Oh, What A Night), by The Four Seasons (1976)

I’ve yet to have a top ten songs of all time list because it would be too hard with so many great songs, which is why I break up the songs into subject matter like songs with night-themed lyrics. Still, if I could only possess ten songs, this would definitely be on my list because I just love the hypnotic music in this song more than anything else. Its pop lyrics were written in such a way to be interpreted as a young man’s loss of virginity!

Even The Nights Are Better, by Air Supply (1982)

The great sappy romantic singing Air Supply just can’t be left out for a top ten article with night-themed lyrics; after all, this time of day is such a part of romance with romance being spelled A-i-r S-u-p-p-l-y! This chart-topping Adult Contemporary hit song’s title alludes to what’s it’s like being in love and how there’s something to look forward to after the sun sets.

Heartache Tonight, by The Eagles (1979)

The nights aren’t always an Air Supply song, as this top ten pop rock night-themed lyrics song preaches about. This fast-paced and rather easy going chart-topping song in 1979 for one of the icons of pop rock music tries to make the fact that people get hurt in the game of love not so devastating after all.

Help Me Make It Through The Night, by Sammi Smith (1971)

Sammi Smith’s Number One country smash tune and Top Ten pop rock crossover hit is one of the quintessential tunes for a soundtrack of the 1970’s. I recall hearing this song many times from the jukebox at some greasy spoon, in the car, or via my mother’s house radio as a young child, though I had no idea what the gist of the song was about. I just thought the woman needed some comforting from a hard time, though I’d learn much later on that the comforting she was asking for was sexual in nature. This night-themed lyrics song caused a bit of controversy because of the lyrics, though by today’s standards, it doesn’t make any waves.

Saturday Night, by The Bay City Rollers (1976)

This Scottish rock band sang one of my first favorite pop rock songs ever, as well as for the kids in the neighborhood I played with. We gladly spent our money on this vinyl jovial single. This chart-topping pop rock song is educational, too, as they spell out the word Saturday in this personal top ten song many times! But as a kid, Friday night was my favorite time because that meant two consecutive non-school nights. By the time Saturday evening came around, half the weekend was over with.

Still of the Night, by Whitesnake (1987)

This hard rock song about passionate love (with such ideas conveyed to the listener as a howling wolf sniffing around the door of the object of lust) is one of my favorite night-themed lyrics songs. Its intense pop music (even the slower parts) all the way through for close to seven minutes takes my senses on a surrealistic journey.

Tender Is The Night, by Jackson Browne (1983)

This Top 40 pop rock hit of 1983 is one of my favorite tunes with night-themed lyrics in it because Browne performs the evening-themed song really smooth and mellow-like as he sings about the pursuit of love.

Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright), by Rod Stewart (1976)

The subject of seduction reigns in this chart-topping song of 1976, as Stewart sings ever so poetically about getting ready to de-flower some woman. You can tell that Stewart is hot-to-trot, but he doesn’t come across too strongly (unlike Whitesnake’s Still of the Night tune) as he gets closer and closer to having his way in this personal top ten night-themed lyrics song of mine.

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